Conference Bike

The Conference Bike is a revolutionary way to bring people together. The Conference Bike is pedaled by 7 riders sitting in a circle. One person steers while the other 6 pedal (or not) as the bike moves effortlessly along. More than 150 Conference Bikes are now being enjoyed by a wide variety of groups in 10 countries. It is a tour bike in Paris and New York, a tool for corporate team-building in San Diego, a way for blind people to bike in Dublin, a human-powered bus in Germany and a vehicle to convey people at theme parks in Japan and Spain. Conference Bikes are also being used to transport employees on the campus in California.

Every group you can think of can use a ‘CoBi’ as a TOOL and a SYMBOL for bringing people together. Originally conceived as an artwork by internationally recognized artist/inventor Eric Staller, the CoBi makes every owner/operator FEEL like the artist; behind the wheel of this bike they SEE the joy that THEY are bringing to people. Everyone who rides a CoBi lights up smiling! It has a magical effect on people: it lowers inhibitions and after just a few minutes even total strangers are talking to one another.

Says Eric Staller, an American artist living in Amsterdam “I believe you will be seeing CoBi’s wherever you are in the next 2 years. Every town should have at least one. People need this bike! I think people are ready to get out of their cars and off their sofas, and get a little silly! You share a moment in the outdoors, enjoying the company of 6 other riders; you go somewhere for an afternoon or a day; you take a picnic lunch; you move along on your own energy: renewable energy. You can also get a really good workout on a CoBi if you want. And it’s a great tool to network or teamwork. People have even fallen in love on a CoBi!”

School and church groups are using Cobi’s for mobile seminars. Therapy groups and singles groups are using Cobi’s for ‘ice-breaking’. They are being rented by clubs, and for corporate outings, weddings and family reunions; for elderly and handicapped recreation. An attractive banner system makes it easy to promote an event or sponsor. This robust machine is 5 years in development; a remarkable combination of American ingenuity and German craftsmanship. 

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